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Forum Law Group practices personal injury law, sometimes called tort law. These are claims to recover medical bills, lost wages, "pain and suffering" and other non-economic harms that result from negligent, reckless or intentional misconduct.  We always represent the injured person, not the defendant or its insurance company.

We're experienced with all of the kinds of injury cases listed here, and many others.  Please call, text,  email or use our web form to tell us about your case to find out if we are the best lawyers to help you. 

Traffic Collisions | Defective Products | Fraud | Unsafe Premises | Child Abuse | Association and Referral | Wrongful Death | Professional Negligence | Elder Abuse | Insurance Disputes

Crashes, Collisions and Injuries

Forum Law Group has extensive experience investigating, settling and litigating lawsuits and claims related to motor vehicle crashes. Our firm is passionate about seeking justice when a client is injured by a negligent or reckless driver. 

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Defective Products

Injuries caused by defective product design, materials, manufacturing or instructions are common. It could also be due to a failure to warn people about certain risks associated with use of the product. Defective products that cause injury or harm to you or a loved one are serious, and you have the legal right to hold manufacturers and product distributors liable. 

We can help you determine if you have a claim that can and should be pursued.

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Unsafe Premises

Business owners and homeowners have a duty to protect you from dangerous conditions on their property. Dangerous conditions may include a spill on the floor of a grocery store, an unsafe construction zone, a defective building or sidewalk, inadequate security, or any other condition that poses a risk of injury to someone.

Forum Law Group has extensive experience investigating, settling and litigating unsafe premises claims and lawsuits to get you the justice you deserve.

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Fraud and Unlawful Trade Practices

The Unlawful Trade Practices Act (UTPA) is a powerful tool for consumers. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for consumers to fall victim to fraud in transactions of real estate, goods, or services such as health care. Fraud occurs most frequently to consumers purchasing used cars, loans, or extensions of credit.

Our firm represents everyday citizens who are hurt by these unlawful practices.

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Child Abuse & Neglect

Child abuse and neglect can occur through coercion or exploitation by a biological parent, foster parent, caregiver, day care worker, teacher, counselor, doctor, therapist, or even another child. Oftentimes the abuse is caused by persons in positions of trust.

In instances of abuse by those who work for organizations, such as a school, church, or daycare, the organization can be held liable in certain circumstances.

In some instances, the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) through its child protective services workers or foster parents fail to protect a foster child or other children in their care from child abuse or sex abuse. 

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Elder Abuse and Neglect

We are committed to raising public awareness and preventing elder abuse, as well as representing victims and their families. Elder abuse can take the form of physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse.

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Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies often delay or deny payment of claims. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain legal counsel to enforce your contractual and statutory rights under an insurance policy.

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Wrongful Death

The unexpected loss of a loved one is heartbreaking, particularly when due to the actions of another person, or product, or company. In such cases, it is important to preserve any evidence and seek legal help soon. Oregon law has deadlines for bringing wrongful death and related personal injury and insurance claims. 

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Professional Negligence

If you have been wronged by professional negligence, such as medical or legal malpractice, you may be able to recover for your losses. Some professions have insurance systems to compensate those harmed by error.

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Association and Referral

We have represented clients in a variety of state and federal civil cases as local counsel or associated counsel. These matters range from products liability to class actions. We have supported leading international firms and plaintiffs' firms from across the country. In associating or partnering with lead counsel we strive to provide the most responsive and effective team possible.  If you are a lawyer with a case in Oregon, or a client who thinks having more than one firm may be appropriate for your case, please contact us.  In most cases, we will agree to split fees so that associating does not cost our client extra. 

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