Don't let insurance companies take advantage of you.


Insurance Claims

Insurance companies often delay or deny payment of claims. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain legal counsel to enforce your contractual and statutory rights under an insurance policy.

Generally you must first file a proof of loss and/or notice of loss with the insurance company before bringing any legal action. We can help you. If a legal claim against an insurance company is successful, in some instances you may recover interest and attorney fees.

Coverage Disputes

Forum Law Group focuses on disputes over insurance payments relating to injury claims. If the insurance company for a person who has caused you injury or a PIP/UIM carrier is refusing to pay the reasonable value of your claim, we encourage you to contact us.

Other insurance claims we handle include property insurance, fire and home insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and health insurance, including ERISA claims.

If you have had an insurance company deny your claim or if you have a problem with an insurance company, it is important to have an attorney evaluate any potential claim you may have. The law provides strict deadlines for bringing claims against insurance companies.