Reviews From Former Clients

“Working with the Forum Law Group was a great experience. They are kind, helpful, respectful, and helped me to understand the process and what to expect.” – Client Hayley

“I was completely impressed and satisfied with Scott’s performance on my behalf. He exhibited outstanding professionalism, communication skills and legal effectiveness throughout my case. He educated me, and kept me informed about the legal process with his clear, understandable, and responsive communications. In the end, the outcome more than met my expectation. I would highly recommend Scott Kocher to anyone looking for professional and expert legal services.” – Client Caren


“Scott was willing to help before it was apparent that there was any money in it. - He was accessible even when I wasn't a paying client. He just seems to care about people.” -Client Kelly

“In my line of work, I often work with a variety of attorneys. Rarely do I deal with anyone that exemplifies the kind of professionalism and expertise that Scott Kocher does. He is responsive, detailed yet understandable, and always makes himself available regardless of the situation. When you need an attorney, it can often be very stressful. Scott makes the process much less threatening and clearly outlines a course of action without leading you towards a decision. He gives great advice and knows when to hold the line and when not to step over it. At the end of our situation, I honestly felt like Mr. Kocher really cared about my family and had our best interest in mind. Without any reservations, I can truthfully recommend Scott Kocher for your legal needs.” –Client Brent

“Scott Kocher made our nightmare battle with a title company all work out. We knew nothing about protocols, procedures, best practices, or the psychology of presenting our side of a dispute, but Scott knew. He was the most thorough person we've ever worked with. Every detail was thought of and dealt with, including many that we didn't know existed. Our case required him to learn new background, which he seemed to do instantaneously, thinking of and mastering detailed questions. As it happened, the completeness of our "package" to the title company was what won the day. He called us from vacation, late in the evening, and while obviously busy with demanding family ties. He was never too busy for us. His advice on how we should proceed was always sound. His instructions on what information we should gather was detailed and precise, yet clear. His tone and demeanor were always upbeat, though he kept us grounded in the reality of possibly losing the case. But we won, and we're forever grateful for his help. We cannot say enough great things about Scott.” - Client Brenda


“I have nothing but respect and admiration for Scott Kocher…. Scott represented me in a personal injury case and did an outstanding job. I found him to be very knowledgeable about the law and adept at navigating the various insurance “systems” at play in my case. Scott …[was] compassionate and helpful every step of the way. Scott was always responsive to my questions and concerns, and he also helped me set realistic expectations about the outcome of my case. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and how I was treated by Scott…. I am a lawyer myself, so have very high expectations when it comes to professionalism and advocacy. Scott more than exceeded my expectations. I have and will continue to refer people in need of representation in personal injury cases to Scott." Client Maya 

“Scott exceeded my expectations when handling my case. He was highly recommended by a few of my friends and I know first hand the reasons why. Scott is honest, respectful, and knows what he is doing. His sense of humor is a bonus. I always felt comfortable with him, and felt that I could call or email when needed. Although my case was small, he always gave 100%.” - Client Rachel

"Scott spend endless hours, days and nights for over 2 years on making sure I had nothing but the best at all times. He was always on top of anything and everything that was thrown his way. No matter the questions I had or what time of day I always had an answer quickly and was kept very informed at all times. Everyone was always extremely honest and loyal. I would recommend Scott to anyone and everyone looking for legal guidance."  - Client Julie
"After a car accident and unresponsive insurance folks, I went to Forum Law and began working with Stephen Voorhees. I was very impressed with his expertise and his ability to listen well and follow through. Lisa and Liz were also wonderful. Each time I called, I was greeted with warmth, and I felt that I was not a "case" but a client in a shared process. I would recommend Stephen Voorhees, Lisa and Liz at Forum Law. I was not looking for a "barracua" experience and I found they were respectful, optimistic and very ethical. Excellent all the way!" - Client Susan


"Nobody wants to hire a lawyer and my hands were tired when the other insurance company wouldn’t accept liability when I was in a car accident that was in no way my fault. I was incredibly lucky when Stephen was recommended to me. Not only did the company accept full responsibility but he negotiated a settlement that was more then I was expecting. He talked me through every step and always gave me all my options helping me make my decision by answering all my questions and what outcome each path could take. I am so thankful I had him representing me and had my best interest. I would absolutely use him again and recommend him to anyone who is a similar situation as I was. Thank you Stephen!" - Client Rachael
 "Two year ago, I was involved in an accident that resulted in personal injury that I was left to pay for out of pocket. I was referred to Stephen by my aunt, who also had a great experience with him. Initially, I was very nervous about consulting with an attorney as I had never been involved in a law suit before and quite frankly, I felt like my health claims were fairly insignificant, although the financial burden was not. The very first conversation I had with Stephen was one where he assured me that I was doing the right thing and that he would do anything and everything in his power to help me receive a compensation that was fair. I think the rest goes without being said based on my 5 star review. Stephen worked extremely hard for two years to build what would eventually be a great case in my trial, he was always there whenever I needed to talk to him, no matter what time of day, and he always provided his most honest, expert advice. He is an excellent attorney and I would recommend him to anyone." - Client Caylin

“Scott was responsive, thoughtful and mindful of my concerns. He was respectful not only of my position but of the other party as well. I hold Scott and his abilities in high regard.” - Client Collin