We need to do better for our elders.

We are committed to raising public awareness and preventing elder abuse, as well as representing victims and their families. Elder abuse can take the form of physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse.

If elder physical abuse is suspected, there are a number of immediate steps a family should take. First, seek medical attention. Second, report the suspected elder abuse to your state’s Ombudsman for Long-Term Care; in Oregon, the number is 1-800-522-2602. This will ensure that the suspected abuse is reported to the appropriate law enforcement or adult protective services agency. Third, contact a qualified elder abuse lawyer for assistance. Elders' safety depends on the accountability the civil justice system provides. In appropriate cases, pursuing a civil claim serves dual purposes of accountability and obtaining appropriate compensation for the resident’s injuries.


Nursing Home Injuries

One of the most common locations for elder abuse and neglect is long-term care facilities, including assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities. These facilities are notorious for being understaffed and failing to follow regulations that are essential to the safety of our elders. We have handled several claims and lawsuits against these facilities, including achieving excellent results for clients who have fallen at facilities due to lack of supervision and other preventative measures.

Financial Injuries

Elders are often taken advantage of financially. Elder financial abuse is the illegal or improper taking of an elder’s money, property or assets. Elder financial abuse broadly covers many areas of misappropriation: consumer fraud; forging signatures; misusing or stealing money or possessions; or use of coercion, deception or “undue influence” to obtain an elder’s signature on any document (e.g., deed, will, contract, power of attorney, etc.).

Elders can be particularly at risk for financial abuse. Elders who are dependent, isolated, lonely or suffer from disabilities are vulnerable to elder financial abuse. A lack of familiarity with financial matters also can make an elder susceptible to financial abuse.

If you are concerned that a loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, we encourage you to contact Forum Law Group for a free consultation.